Get Involved!

My husband Bill and I were snowbirds and had not yet joined the church. Bill decided when we came down in 2007 we would join Hope Lutheran Church. Since I was a lifelong Lutheran, this made me very happy. Bill always wanted to be the best, the first. He joined the church in October 2007 in the Memorial Garden. I joined the same year in December. So, I guess he won for the last time!

I remember telling Pastor Dean’s wife, Peg, that the hardest thing for me to do since my husband died is come to church. I just felt so alone. Her advice to me was “get involved; if you are needed, you will come.”

It took me awhile, but I did get involved. On Saturday nights at the 6:00 service, I help with whoever needs assistance. I help in the church garden and I volunteer on the “My Time Caregiver Respite Team.” I have a whole new family at Hope that embraces me with unconditional love. Getting involved gave me so much more than I ever expected to receive.

If you are able, get involved so you can reap from the benefits.

Written by: Barbara

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