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My husband Bill and I were snowbirds and had not yet joined the church. Bill decided when we came down in 2007 we would join Hope Lutheran Church. Since I was a lifelong Lutheran, this made me very happy. Bill always wanted to be the best, the first. He joined the church in October 2007 in the Memorial Garden. I joined the same year in December. So, I guess he won for the last time! Continue reading →

Words Formed Not Of Oneself

It touched the heart,
and stepped right past to the soul.
I could never repeat my words,
but knew that this was so.
An utterance of depth and intensity,
I knew not from where it arose.
I filled another’s need without
the forge of thought or anything connected to me.
The words had a life all their own,
from a deeper sense—

Written by: Trish Barron


In conversations with others during the process of becoming a member of Hope, I found that I was far from the only Catholic there. I found myself wondering if they felt as guilty attending a non-Catholic church as I did. You see, as Catholics, we have been brought up with the ‘guilt’ card, followed up by fear. Later in life I found this to be sad but true. When a dear friend of mine said to me one day, “I have always known a kind, loving and merciful God, where you grew up in fear.” I knew something had to change. Continue reading →