After two years in the Peace Corps, my wife and I felt we still had more to offer. Through Lutheran Missions, we learned of teaching opportunities at Lithuanian Christian College. It was through this opportunity that we got acquainted with the local Salvation Army.

Here we provided residents with food, clothing, and medical and spiritual help. We worked with the people who lived in and around the local dump. And yes, there were children here. We would meet and go as a group on Sunday morning and set up food lines. This was followed by medical care from a nurse from Germany.

We ended with a voluntary church service. We built a fire and sat on the beat-down weeds. During one of the hymns, the leader leaned over and told me he was going to call on me to say a few words about my faith when the hymn ended. At least I did not have time to worry. My Russian was weak, so the pause for the interpreter was helpful.

My evangelism had always been through actions, not words. Certainly, this was a great experience for me. “Trust in the Lord” became more than just something you say at church.