Mine is a story of thanksgiving for a miracle. Last June, I went to Phoenix, Arizona, fully expecting the worst for my son, Richard. When I arrived at the hospital, he was in the ICU on life support with about 12 IV’s running. The doctors weren’t holding out much hope. The left side of his heart had stopped functioning, and to make matters worse, he had developed a bowel blockage and needed immediate surgery.

I called Pastor Jon-Marc, along with many friends and family, and asked for prayer. Richard’s twin brother, Ronald, is Chief of Surgery for several hospitals in Phoenix and was able to have him transferred to another hospital, where he could receive the very best care and the doctors he needed.

One cardiac anesthesiologist told me he had only cared for one other patient with an EF (Ejection Fraction) rate of 5, and that patient was dead. There wasn’t much hope.

I called Pastor Jon-Marc on my cellphone and held it to Richard’s ear before his surgery. Jon-Marc prayed for him.

I truly believe the Lord heard all the prayers going out for Richard, because after 17 days in the ICU and a total of 147 days in the hospital in 2018, Richard is alive and is even back to work full-time.

I thank God every day for this miracle.

-Richard C.