Newsletter & Website Content Submission Guidelines

  • Newsletter submissions and website updates must be submitted at least ten (10) business days before your preferred publishing weekend.
  • All Newsletter Submissions pertaining to a Ministry or Team must be approved by the corresponding Ministry Team Leader. All Newsletter Submissions pertaining to an event must be approved by a Staff Member. You must have completed a Room Request and have a confirmation of approval before submitting an article about a meeting or event.
  • All Newsletter Submissions must be submitted via the Newsletter Submission form on our website. Handwritten, printed, or personally emailed submissions will not be accepted.
  • Newsletter articles typically run for two consecutive weeks. You can choose to have your article run only once; however, articles may not run for more than two consecutive weeks.
  • Individual ministries may only have one active Newsletter article at a time. No ministry may run more than one article per printing weekend.
  • The Newsletter Editor retains the right to edit any and all submitted content. That includes text, pictures, and scheduled run dates.
  • The Newsletter Editor reserves the right to reject any submission at their discretion.
  • For website updates, please contact Daniel Dodsworth, IT Specialist, at
  • Questions about the newsletter? Please contact Marina Ernst, Information Coordinator, at