Pew Supply Replenishing Team

Every week, the Pew Supply Replenishing Team ensures that the Sanctuary pews are neat and well-stocked.

A place for everything and everything in its place in the Sanctuary pews.

pew supply

The Need

Every pew in the Sanctuary is checked weekly:

  • Supplies are stocked/restocked with items such as offering envelopes, information brochures, sharpened pencils, hand sanitizer
  • Bibles and hymnals are available and straightened
  • Attendance booklets have enough blank pages and a working pen
  • Personal items left by worshippers are removed and placed in “Lost and Found”

Who can join the Pew Supply/Replenishing Team?

Anyone can join the team and training will be provided by the team leader. No experience is necessary.

What’s the time commitment?

Team members are asked to serve at least two weeks each month. Team members (2-3 people each week) meet in the Sanctuary on Wednesday or Thursday, retrieve supplies from storage, then straighten/replenish the pews. If an organist is practicing at the same time, the team members enjoy organ music while they work.

How do I volunteer?

To express your interest, contact the church office. Provide your name, phone number, and e-mail and the team leader will contact you.

Contact Information:

Pam Keys