Parking Team

The team directs traffic flow and transports members and guests from outer reaches of the parking lot during high traffic services.Parking team web logo

The Parking Team assists with worship and special events at Hope Lutheran Church by directing traffic and parking for Sunday worship services, especially heavily-attended festival services, such as Christmas, and for other events held on the church campus.

We don’t want anyone to drive away because they couldn’t find a place to park the car or golf cart.

The Need

With so many services each Sunday attended by so many worshippers, and other heavily-attended events held on Hope Lutheran Church property, the Parking Team aids traffic flow and parking. utilization. The highest need occurs seasonally, November through April, and at special events.

Who can become a team member?

Any worshipper can become a team member. Prior traffic control experience in law enforcement is a plus, but not required as well as the ability to greet and assist drivers.

What’s the time commitment?

Team members are asked to be in position and directing traffic/parking about 30 minutes before an event and for about 15 minutes following the event.

How do I volunteer?

Sign up by contacting the team leader or calling the office.

Contact Information: