Clicker Team

Team members operate the remote clicker used to advance the worship services projected on the screen.

Clickers Team

Clickers fill a significant role during worship by changing slides to be viewed on the screens at the front of the Sanctuary so that worshippers and online viewers can follow the service, both music and text, hands-free.

The Need

Every service requires a volunteer to control the audio/visual slides displayed on the screens during worship services. This allows worshippers in the Sanctuary and online viewers to follow the service without a printed bulletin or worship aid. Using a remote control, similar to a TV remote control, the Clicker can advance/reverse the slide projection. With a minimal time commitment, being a Clicker is an opportunity to enhance worship in a significant way. We invite you to try this ministry; if you don’t like it, you’re not obligated to continue.

Who can become a Clicker?

Clickers need the ability to hear the words being spoken and/or sung so that they can change slides at the appropriate times. Both men and women serve as Clickers. On-the-job training is available.

What’s the time commitment?

Clickers are “on the job” starting 15 minutes before the service and until the service ends. Weekly scheduling is flexible.

How do I become a Clicker?

Contact the team leader or call the church office.

Contact Information:

John Kilguss