Altar Angels Guild Teams

The teams prepare the altar for all services including Communion, Rite of Healing, and others as required. The members store and maintain the altar paraments, altar cloths, brass, and candles. Team members are scheduled one month at a time which equates to about one hour per week during the scheduled month.

Altar Angel Guild

The Need

This is a vital worship ministry. Many hands make light work and more Altar Angels are needed to help prepare the chancel (altar area) for worship before all five weekly services, special Lenten services, holidays, and others as needed. Angels also clean up after the services.

Who can become an Altar Angel?

Any church member can become an Altar Angel as an individual or as couples, whether full-time or seasonal. No previous experience is required. Training is provided and written instructions are provided for each service. Altar Angels share responsibility by working in teams; new volunteers are paired with experienced volunteers.

What’s the time commitment?

Altar Angels are asked to commit to set-up and clean-up for a specific service for one month at a time, which takes approximately 30-45 minutes each week. In addition, Angels are asked to attend one annual organizational meeting. Sometimes special work sessions are scheduled. For example, preparing/putting away candles used during the Christmas Eve candlelight services.

How do I volunteer?

Sign up during new member orientation, by contacting the team leaders, or inquiring at the church office

Contact Information

Lynn Voelkle 352-430-2457

Nancy Metcalf 352-430-0347