Memorial Reception Team

The mission of the six teams is to provide food and beverages for a funeral/memorial luncheon or dinner at the church or in a person’s home.  Members of a team are asked to provide specific food items, help in setting up and clean up. The time involved is from two to three hours per service. The teams rotate.

memorial reception

The Funeral Reception Team provides light meals or refreshments to those who attend a funeral service at Hope Lutheran Church. This is an invaluable ministry which reduces the burden of arrangements that members and their families need to make when they’ve lost a loved one. Serving on the Funeral Reception Team is a way to share talents in a small, but rewarding way, with members who are in need.

The Need

The Funeral Reception Team members set up for the reception, prepare and serve the food, and clean up after the reception. Team members take turns providing sandwiches, salads, vegetables and dip, chips, and desserts for the meal. They’re also asked to help with set-up and clean-up. The team has been active since Hope has had space available to host receptions, and involves about 180 members, both men and women. More team members are always welcome.

Who can join the Funeral Reception Team?

If you like to bake, make sandwiches or salads, or work in the kitchen, this is the team for you. Any member can join and all are welcome.

What’s the time commitment?

Your time commitment is very flexible. Prepare foods at home and/or help at church, six to eight times per year, if possible. Just help when you can.

How do I join?

To join, contact the team leader or the church office.

Contact Information:

Karen O’Brien