Women of Hope

Women of Hope (WOH) is the umbrella organization responsible for many of Hope Lutheran Church’s outreach programs. WOH provides opportunities for enrichment and spiritual growth through programs, retreats, circles, and Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (WELCA). 

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The mission of WOH is to come together for study, support and action through mission projects for the community and church-wide women’s organizations. WOH meets on the third Thursday of each month. Most meetings feature a light breakfast, a speaker, progress reports on all ongoing missions and fellowship with one another lasting about two hours.

The purpose of the Women of Hope is to help spread God’s Word and Love in the following ways:

Growing in Faith
Reaching out with Love
Aiding the Congregation
Caring in the Community and the World
Encouraging Each Other

WOH provides service to others through local and international outreach missions and activities. WOH provides opportunities for women to come together in fellowship and to accomplish projects as well as projects which can be done at home at a person’s leisure. WOH provides opportunities to share your faith, love, assistance, care and encouragement – GRACE.

Who can join Women of Hope?

Every woman member or associate member of Hope Lutheran Church is invited to be a member of Women of Hope and WELCA. A willingness to be involved in any of the leadership opportunities or the missions that WOH supports is a plus.

What’s the time commitment?

Every member decides her own time commitment from a couple of hours a month to a couple of hours a week. Women of Hope/WELCA members meet monthly from September through May on the third Thursday of the month. 

Women of Hope leadership meetings occur on the first Thursday of every month at the church.

How do I join?

No previous experience is required. Reach out to the WOH contact or call the church office for information. Better yet, simply attend one of the monthly meetings for food, fellowship, a short business meeting, and an entertaining/educational program.

Contact Information:

Annie Schaedel