LWR Quilters

The LWR Quilters make quilts and provide them to Lutheran World Relief (LWR) to send overseas as needed for disaster relief. Quilts are also given to local social service agencies for those in need.

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The Quilters make quilts and provide them to:

  • Lutheran World Relief to send overseas as needed for disaster relief.
  • Local social service agencies, such as Love, INC., to be given to people in need
  • LSF (Lutheran Services of Florida) where the quilts are given to young adults aging out of foster care.

“There is, indeed, a transforming moment when a Quilt passes from our hands into another’s, and they embrace it.” – Kirk Betts, Former Chairman of the Lutheran World Relief (LWR) Board of Directors, upon distributing LWR Quilts in Niger

The Need

People throughout the world need warmth and that’s the ultimate purpose of the quilts. However, they may serve another purpose such as serving as a baby carrier, tied around a mother’s back; a market display, spread on the ground and piled with vegetables; a sack for transporting goods to market; a sunshade; a shawl; and, most importantly, a constant reminder that someone cares a lot.

Who can join the Quilters?

All are welcome. Most members are gifted with the ability to cut fabric for the quilts, pin layers together, tie them, and/or sew them together on the ministry’s sewing machines. Some members take home fabric and make quilt tops at home. Many have had prior experience in another church community.

What’s the time commitment?

Quilters meet on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 12 noon in Room 205. We bring our own sack lunches to eat together and enjoy socializing during our break. We usually finish by 3:00 p.m. The time commitment is flexible: come when you can and leave when you must.

How do I join?

To join, contact the team leader or the church office.

Contact Information:

Karen O’Brien