Greeter Team

Greeters welcome every member and visitor to all worship services at Hope Lutheran Church.greeters web logo

Welcome everyone who enters our doors with a friendly “Hello!” and a smile!

The greeters provide a welcoming, smiling face to each person as they enter the church for worship. They shake hands, answer questions and turn first-time visitors over to the Newcomer Worship Welcome Team.

The Need

Greeters welcome all who enter the doors of Hope Lutheran Church on their way to worship. They are the face of Hope, a sign of what’s in store for all who enter, both members and visitors. If someone isn’t wearing a name badge and is a visitor, the greeter invites that person to the Welcome Center to be given a cross and a visitor name tag. Greeters represent our welcoming God!

Who can be a Greeter?

If you are a “people person,” have the gift of hospitality, and would like to help make all God’s children feel welcome and special, consider becoming a greeter. Both men and women are needed. You can be a full-time or seasonal resident.

What’s the time commitment?

Greeters are expected to welcome members and visitors for approximately 40 minutes prior to their assigned service. The head greeter assigns volunteers.

How do I join?

To join, contact the head greeter or the church office.

Contact Information:

Barbara McGann