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Steeple Peeple — Clowns for Christ share God’s love through the laughter they provide as clowns who entertain and extend a generous dose of good will.Clown Ministry web logo

As Christian clowns, we strive to perform as ministers of God, sharing the love of Christ with others in a very special way. We strive for our actions to reflect God’s glory.

The Steeple Peeple is an ecumenical group of Christian Clowns that rehearse at HLC on the 3rd Friday of each month. They are involved in conducting prayer meetings, holding parties & participating in worship services at HLC and throughout the community.

Sharing God’s Love through Laughter!

The Need

Steeple Peeple is a multi-denominational group available to perform skits, Bible stories, face-painting, balloons, puppets, and illusions. We also mime both the Lord’s Prayer and “God Bless America.” Performances are customized to the request, theme, or season. As few as two clowns or as many as one dozen may perform, depending on the request. Performances are provided at no charge. A free will love offering is gratefully accepted.

Who can participate?

Any individual can join. However, most current members have completed a clown course. They may be experienced entertainers or just desire to bring good will to others. A clown class is offered occasionally at Hope Lutheran Church by instructor Carole (Zippity) Day.

What’s the time commitment?

Steeple Peeple meet on the third Friday of every month. Members are asked to assist performances at various events in the Tri-County area held in venues such as day care centers, at fundraisers, etc.

How do I volunteer?

Contact the team leader or inquire at the church office.

Contact Information:

To sign up for the clown class, contact instructor Carole (Zippity) Day at 704-747-3717.

Doris (Rain Bo) Turlo

Carol Furlong