Gardening Team

The team members meet three or four times a year to implement and manage a planting program for the exterior grounds. Team members share the responsibility of caring for the plants, including the upkeep of the Memorial Garden.

Gardening Team Logo

The Gardening Team strives to create a welcoming and attractive atmosphere for Hope Lutheran Church by maintaining the beauty and serenity of the Memorial Garden and every flower garden on the church campus.

The Need

The church campus has many areas, including the Memorial Garden, where plantings enhance the appearance and “curb appeal” of the more permanent and larger landscaping of the Hope Lutheran Church campus. A group of volunteers is needed to design, plant, and maintain these gardens.

Who can join the Gardening Team?

Anyone who enjoys working outdoors, doesn’t care about getting dirty, and is committed to maintaining the beauty of the Hope Lutheran Church campus can join the team.

What’s the time commitment?

Any time commitment is appreciated, as nurturing Hope’s gardens is an ongoing process, day by day.

How do I volunteer?

Call the team leader or the church office to express your interest.

Contact Information:

Sandy Nolan