Memorial Garden Administration

The team handles the sale of space in the memorial garden, prepares the garden for interments & serves as the attendant at the time of interment.

The Memorial Garden Team helps Hope Lutheran Church members and non-members, their families and friends, to select a final resting place for the cremains of loved ones, by providing information about the garden, arranging for purchase, and by opening and closing the interment niche before and after interment.

The Hope Memorial Garden is a pristine and tranquil setting where beauty reflects the known presence of Christ.

The Need

The Memorial Garden Team members meet with individuals and families who are selecting an interment site for cremains. The meeting may occur as part of advance funeral planning, but may instead take place after the death of a loved one. The meeting typically takes 30-45 minutes and team members strive to accommodate requests for meeting times. The team also spends 30-45 minutes in preparation before the interment service, typically conducted by a pastor from Hope or another church, and 15-20 minutes following the service to open and close the niche. (The garden grounds are maintained by the Gardening Team.)

How can I learn more about the Memorial Garden?

To learn more, contact the team leaders or the church office. Upon request, an information sheet is available which explains options and pricing.

Contact Information:

Gary & Andrea Jacklin
(920) 243-3793