Signing up for events on – digital sign up sheets

  1. Open a web browser, preferably Google Chrome, and go to
  2. Choose the event you want to attend and click on the title (links are always in orange on our site).
  3. Now you are on that event page. If you already have an account, skip to step 7. If this is your first time signing up, please make a new account by clicking “create an account” or “Register for a new account.”
  4. Choose a username for your account. The username must not contain any spaces or special characters. It cannot be changed. Type your email address, which must be valid (and you must have access to it). Type your first name and last name into the remaining fields. Press “Register” and it should take you to a screen saying “Registration complete. Please check your email.”
  5. Check your email. Be sure to check your spam folder too. You will soon receive an email with a link to set your password. Click the first link below the line that reads “To set your password, visit the following address…” Click that link and enter your new password in the “New password” box. Be sure to choose a strong password. Hit the “Reset Password” button to save it. You should see a dialog box that reads “Your password has been reset.” Click “Log in” to sign into your new account.
  6. Go back to the event you want to sign up for by navigating to org/signups again. Click the event link for the event you want to sign up for.
  7. You should see a welcome message including your name, username, and email address. If not, please sign in by entering your username or email address and password. You can save your credentials by clicking “Remember Me” before pressing “Log In.”
  8. Scroll down to see the Available Spots. You may email the coordinator by clicking on their name.
  9. Press the “Sign up” link in the list.
  10. Scroll down to the details section, and make sure you have selected the right event/time.
  11. If you’re logged in, your information will populate automatically. You may enter your phone number also.
  12. Click “Sign me up!” and you’re finished!
  13. If you want to cancel, just hit “Clear” next to your name and you will be removed from the list.
  14. If you have any trouble, please email or call (352) 750-2321