Beware of gift card e-mail scams

Hope Lutheran Church is alerting the community that recent e-mail scams have targeted Hope members.

Several members have reported receiving scam e-mails, in which the sender claims to be Pastor Jon-Marc (or a staff member) and asks for gift cards.

Hope and its associates will NEVER send emails like this.

Our pastors will NEVER ask you for donations or favors via e-mail.

Please be wary of anyone claiming to be Hope staff, and always check the sender’s actual email address. If their email address is not from our domain, then it’s not authentic. Sometimes these addresses can be “spoofed,” or made to appear as if they are coming from our domain, so be cautious, and send anything suspicious to your JUNK folder.

If you receive emails from anyone asking you to purchase gift cards, it’s very likely a scam. If this happens, please flag that e-mail as JUNK, and block the sender’s e-mail address. Do not reply to the e-mail.

Thank you!