Hope University

Miracles, Miracles, Miracles!

Come join us as we begin our Spring Semester with Pastor
Dean’s 4-week class named “Miracles, Miracles, Miracles!”
(January 13 – February 3)

Hear what Pastor Dean says about this class…
The four gospels in our Bible record Jesus performing 33
miracles. Only one is recorded in all four Gospels of Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John. Some of the gospel writers record the
same miracle event in different ways. Matthew records 19
different miracles. Mark records 17, Luke has 18 and John
has 8. So altogether we could say that miracles are described
62 times. Pastor Dean will lead us in discovering the different
kinds of miracles and why they are performed at different
times in Jesus’ ministry. Some writers have them in one place
and other writers have them at another place or time in Jesus’
life. Why, When, Where, Who and How are just some of the
questions we could ask. BUT we can also ask, “Do miracles
still happen today?” All of these questions still apply today.
Come or watch as we approach all those questions and share
Jesus’ disciples’ experience and our own each week
beginning January 13th.

Participants can now attend Hope University classes. We are limiting the class size to 10. You will need to register for each session if you wish to attend.

CDC Guidelines will be observed:

  • Your temperature will be checked at the front desk.
  • You must wear a mask at all times while inside the church.


Class 1: January 13
Open Thursday: Jan 7 @ 8 AM
Closes Wednesday: Jan 13 @ 8 AM

Class 2: January 20
Open Thursday: Jan 14 @ 8 AM
Closes Wednesday: Jan 20 @ 8 AM

Class 3: January 27
Open Thursday: Jan 21 @ 8 AM
Closes Wednesday: Jan 27 @ 8 AM

Class 4: February 3
Open Thursday: Jan 28 @ 8 AM
Closes Wednesday: Feb 3 @ 8 AM

Return to In-person Worship – Guidelines

  • Saturday worship services will be held at 4pm (Contemporary) and 6pm (Traditional)
  • Sunday worship services will be held at 8am (Traditional) and 10am (Traditional) at Central Campus. Lake Weir Campus worship service will be held at 10am (Traditional). Everglades Rec Center services will be held at 8am (Traditional) and 10am (Contemporary).
  • Services will be livestreamed from Central Campus (Saturday 4pm and Sunday 10am). Services will also be available on YouTube and Facebook
  • Reservations are required. Click Here to Register for In-person Worship.  If you register and later decide not to attend, please call the church office to cancel and provide an opportunity to others
  • Reservations will be accepted Monday thru Friday of the week prior to service. All Reservations must be in by 12:00pm on Friday
  • Reservations will stop once we have reached 175 individuals at Central Campus, 35 individuals at Lake Weir Campus, and 70 individuals at Everglades Rec Center (couples will be counted separately and not as 1 attendee) so that we may account for worship staff and volunteers in our maximum capacity
  • Facemasks are required at all times while in the church building. Face shields are allowed only if a mask is worn underneath
  • Each attendee will check in and have temperature taken prior to entering the building. Per CDC guidelines, a temperature at or above 100.4o will indicate that you are too sick to attend worship and we kindly ask that you stay home and take care of yourself
  • Ushers will welcome you and show you to your seat
  • Sanctuary will be seated front to back and dismissed from back to front. Thus, maintaining safe distancing
  • Seating of worshippers will be a minimum of 6’ apart. Couples will be seated together, and we have space to accommodate larger families
  • Communion will take place at the end of service as people leave
  • Offerings may be placed in the locked donation boxes located in the rear of the Sanctuary and in the Narthex at Central Campus, rear of the Sanctuary at Lake Weir Campus and along the side wall by the exit at Everglades. There will be no collections during the service
  • If you are not feeling well or considered to be at high risk, we ask that you stay at home rather than return prematurely for your safety and well being
  • The pews will be sanitized between each worship service, as will the restrooms
  • Curbside communion will not be held on Sunday mornings. Curbside communion will continue on Monday from 9am – 10am at Central Campus and 8am – 9am at Lake Weir Campus

Thankoffering Service – November 19 @ 10:00 A.M

Thankoffering services have always been and still are an opportunity for The Women of Hope to say THANK YOU to God in both significant and ordinary moments.

COVID protocols will be observed:

  • Due to social distancing, seating is limited.
  • Temperatures will be checked at the door.
  • Masks must be worn at all times while inside the church.

You must register to attend.

Click Here to Register for Thankoffering Service.

Beware of gift card e-mail scams

Hope Lutheran Church is alerting the community that recent e-mail scams have targeted Hope members.

Several members have reported receiving scam e-mails, in which the sender claims to be Pastor Jon-Marc (or a staff member) and asks for gift cards.

Hope and its associates will NEVER send emails like this.

Our pastors will NEVER ask you for donations or favors via e-mail.

Please be wary of anyone claiming to be Hope staff, and always check the sender’s actual email address. If their email address is not from our @hope2all.org domain, then it’s not authentic. Sometimes these addresses can be “spoofed,” or made to appear as if they are coming from our @hope2all.org domain, so be cautious, and send anything suspicious to your JUNK folder.

If you receive emails from anyone asking you to purchase gift cards, it’s very likely a scam. If this happens, please flag that e-mail as JUNK, and block the sender’s e-mail address. Do not reply to the e-mail.

Thank you!

Lifetouch Mobile Directory

Good news! Our new Lifetouch Mobile Directory is ready! Our Mobile Directory contains contact information for all the families of Hope Lutheran Church and is an easy to use tool to help you stay connected. PLUS, you will see portraits of all our families that participated in our recent photography event. What a great way to connect names and faces!

To access the mobile directory:

  1. Go to the following web address: https://mobiledirectory.lifetouch.com/415105/hope-lutheran-church
  2. Enter your Access Code

Once you are logged in, you can scroll through the directory, search by name, view family profiles, email/call/map, and view staff only page. The onscreen Guided Tour will walk you through each of these areas.

To update your contact information, or to add your information if it is not listed, please contact the church office. Periodically, we will be hosting additional photography events to include even more of our family’s portraits in our mobile directory. Connecting has never been easier! Check it out today.