Gratitude Journal

“I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the LORD Most High.” -Psalm 7:17

I am so grateful that we were led to this friendly, thoughtful, and caring church. I had a serious health scare this past March, and its effects continued for months after. I have no had less that 5 of our pastors stop me, ask how I am doing, and tell me that I am in their prayers. Numerous members have done the same. You have no idea what a positive impact it has had on me (and my husband)! I am so grateful to the Lord to report that our prayers have been answered better than we had thought. My recent bone marrow biopsy came back clean! No sign of any infection or abnormality. God is good!


I am so very grateful for my Hope family – all the cards and caring. Especially grateful to Pastor Marc for comforting me and spending time upon Jerry’s passing. Advising me and helping me through the most horrible time of my life. This is why I know the Lord works in mysterious ways.


We are so thankful for the prayers, cards, and well-wishes from our Hope Lutheran Church family. Recovery is coming and the tumor is gone, and sight is given back to Joyce. God bless all of you.

Leonard & Joyce

Had a Care Meeting today at my husband’s rehab facility and got the good news that he will be discharged Thursday. Now we can make our reservation on the auto train on Saturday and be back in the Villages on Sunday. It’s been a difficult summer, but all is well now, and we are coming home. Thank you, Lord, for all of our many blessings!


I am grateful for the angel who extended a helping hand to my grandsons! God bless her and keep her safe!


I am so thankful that the Lord led us to Hope Lutheran and this community. We are so blessed to be able to raise our family in a place where we have so many with which to share our lives and love of the Lord.

Mary Jo

My nine-year-old granddaughter, who was born in the body of a male, will be presenting herself as a girl when she enters fourth grade this fall. I am very grateful for her honesty and courage to live into the person that she recognizes herself to be. My gratitude extends to her whole family and the school district that are there to support her on this journey.


I’m grateful for life, as God has blessed me with a husband, Bill, and two sons, plus three grandkids. Our family is small, but love fills our lives. Bill and my oldest son, Peter, have left to be with the Lord… but their presence remains with us. I’m grateful for the time I spent at Hope. You shall always be in my heart and my prayers. Thank you. God Bless.


The wisdom, diligence, and grace of all the medical professionals who chose to care for and about me as an individual. I am beating back the ravages of time and my years of careless sun worship at their hands.

B Howard Penix

My daughter and her husband have been struggling financially for some time. They are raising 9-year-old twin boys, one autistic. Today they were able to find a much needed second car that they could afford. The Lord always provides for our needs. I’m very grateful tonight for this solution to their problem.


Expressed gratitude for ‘Safe travel on a 2,000-mile driving trip through five states on the interstate, on state and county roads, and on very hilly and winding roads.’

Bob & Barbara

I’m grateful every day that God is in charge and we found Hope Lutheran.


I am grateful for God’s grace and the mercy He has given me. At a young age I got lost, in a world not pleasing to God. He kept a watch on me without me even knowing. He sent people to guide me through their kindness and patience. Then He brought me out and back home to Him and family. Like the prodigal son. I will be ever grateful. I am a part of the family of God and happy about it. I am Mishpacha.


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