Livestream Changes

On March 17 we will be transitioning to a new live stream carrier. will no longer work.

To watch live services and view archives, you must go directly to our website and navigate to the Live Stream section (Worship -> Live Stream) or Archives section (Worship -> Video Archive).

You may also go to as a backup.

This new streaming platform will provide less latency, and should result in a smoother viewing experience.

Since we are changing providers, the archived videos will only go as far back as our new launch date (March 17). If you need to order a DVD of an older service, please use the DVD request form in the Narthex.

Problems and Solutions

Here are some common problems with Live Stream services and their solutions:

Problem: The stream is very choppy.

Solution: Try pausing the live service for 30 seconds or a minute to let it buffer. Press play again and it should be all caught up.

Problem: The video quality is very poor.

Solution: Press the cogwheel icon on the video and change the resolution to 1920. Note that increasing your resolution may result in a choppier video if you don’t have enough bandwidth.

Problem: The audio is playing double, creating an echo.

Solution: You may have another browser tab or window open on the same page.