August Food Pantry Update

On behalf of the Food Pantry ministry at Hope Lake Weir Campus, we want to thank you once again for your commitment and generous support. Every week we continue to see new families that register to receive food. We are so blessed to be able to serve through this ministry. 

Here is another story to share with you this week from our volunteers:

Every Thursday is a busy time at our Lake Weir Campus. The volunteers are ready to help in any capacity. One of our clients recently had an accident as a roofer and broke both of his legs. He and his wife began to visit us at the Food Pantry. They felt blessed to find this food pantry. The other day, as they returned to the car, they saw that they had a flat tire. Bob Bragg and Peter Abdulmasih were there, ready to help. They changed the flat tire and sent them on their way.

It is such a blessing for us to be able to share the love of Christ every week. Together we live out our mission “to know Christ and to make Christ known.”

Here are some of the items we have been running low

on this month:

  • Canned fruits
  • Mayo
  • Cooking Oil
  • ALDI bags (or similar)

If you’d like to donate items to the Food Pantry, please bring these items to either Hope Central Campus or Hope Lake Weir Campus.

Thank you and may God continue to bless you each day.

Sami Abdulmasih