Update from The Rock at Lake Weir Middle School

After a 4-week break at the end of summer school, The Rock is back in operation for the new school year! Thanks to some very generous donations, we should have enough school supplies to last most of the year!

This year, we are only open on Mondays and Wednesdays, but since there are now four lunch periods, we are averaging 45-48 students per day. We have had the Guidance Counselors and Social Worker bring us children who have needed clothes
because theirs were soiled, worn out, or inappropriate.

We have a large supply of adult-sized clothing donations but are very short on small and medium sizes of girls’ shorts, pants, and tops. We continue to supply 10-15 pairs of tennis shoes per week to children in need. We’re seeking donations of tennis shoes sizes 5 to 13.

Hygiene products are also needed! These include deodorant, combs, and brushes. Our largest expense continues to be food. Because of limited shelf space, we buy items by the case. A
uniform size of items means we can have more diversity and supply on the shelves. Therefore, cash donations are greatly appreciated – they help us ensure we have enough food to meet every need and taste.

Lastly, here’s a Love Story from The Rock:

During the week before school started, many teachers from Lake Weir Middle School took a bus tour out to the areas where some of our less fortunate students live. We were touched by the poverty that some of them face. We have many children who have physical and spiritual needs to be met. Thank you so much for stepping up and initiating The Rock at our school!

For more updates from The Rock,
contact Fred O’Brien at fobrien@gate.net.