Music Update – August

Hello Hope Musicians!

Summer is quickly coming to an end.  Therefore, our ensembles will begin rehearsals again in just a few short weeks.  

Traditional Choirs:

1) VOH: This is our mixed choir which sings regularly at 8:00 & 9:45 weekly at the Central Campus. The Voices of Hope also routinely prepare for all three Central Campus traditional services during larger events such as Easter. In our three regularly rotating choirs, we ask for as much of a commitment as the individual is able to consistently sing for, during the portion of the year when you are living in Florida. Rehearsals are from 7:00 – 8:30 in the Central Campus sanctuary weekly on Thursday evenings. They begin on 8/16.  Our first Sunday morning anthem of the season will be performed on 9/9.

2) BOH: Hope’s men’s choir, the Brotherhood of Harmony meets weekly on Thursday evenings at 6:00, immediately before VOH. We primarily sing on the final weekend of each month, at the 11:30 service of the Central campus. (Discussions are underway to be able to utilize the same monthly material BOH prepares on an alternative weekend at the Lake Weir campus as well. More information to follow.) We will begin weekly rehearsals on 8/23 and our first scheduled Sunday to sing is 9/30.

3) SIS: The Sisters in Song are Hope’s women’s choir. We primarily sing on the second to last Sunday of the month, at the 11:30 service of the Central Campus. (Discussions are underway to be able to utilize the same monthly material SIS prepares on an alternative weekend at the Lake Weir campus as well. More information to follow.) We meet on Wednesdays from 3:45 – 4:45 in the Central Campus sanctuary and begin our first rehearsal on 8/22.  Our first offering will be on 9/23.

*4) Cantata Choir: Folks who opt to only sing with the Cantata Choir are not required to regularly rotate through a monthly schedule of performances.  These individuals will only join the VOH for larger, special events such as our annual Christmas Cantata.  A specific rehearsal schedule and requirements for participation are announced church-wide in advance of each event where this ensemble will be utilized.

*5) SSS: The Summer Session Singers technically has already had their first rehearsal during the 3-month interim of the other choirs. The group gets together, usually for 1-2 weekends of services each summer to do a couple anthems while everyone else is on vacation. The material is generally easier to learn, with less rehearsals and a “come as you are” approach to singing. Several of Hope’s vocalists have used this choir as an entry point into eventually joining the music department on a more regularly rotating basis. The choir is open to everyone.

Instrumental Ensembles:

6) SR: The Spirit Ringers are Hope’s handbell/handchime ensemble. We primarily ring on the first Sunday of the month at the Central Campus at 11:30. Members of this ensemble may also have opportunities to do chamber pieces with less performers in addition to playing with the entire ensemble. The ringers meet on Wednesdays from 2:30 – 3:30, shortly before SIS rehearses, in the Central Campus sanctuary. (Members need to have some previous experience ringing or be open-minded to improving their musicianship and reading skills. Consistent attendance is crucial and members are asked to plan and inform leadership of any absences as far in advance as possible.) Our first Spirit Ringers rehearsal is on 8/22 and we are scheduled for our first service on 10/7.

*7) Other instrumental soloists: Though Hope doesn’t currently have a large ensemble for instrumentalists, we are always looking to support the talents of members who play. If you play an instrument that’s not otherwise represented in one of our other regular ensembles, we’d still love to hear from you and look for a way to include you in on-going ministry at either of our campuses. The music office has a growing number of resources for soloists as well as small ensembles with appropriate repertoire of differing skill levels. We are also always looking for folks with keyboarding skills who can play/read well enough to do: solo anthems, group accompaniments, or even playing for a service on piano or organ when staff are away. Please consider how you can be using your gift to impact Hope’s ever growing community of faith.

Contemporary Offerings:

8) SCB: Currently, Hope Central’s 4:00 Saturday services are led by the Sonshine Celebration Band. We consist of 1-2 lead vocalists, 3 background vocalists and a rhythm section of 1-2 keyboards, 1-2 acoustic and/or electric guitars and electric or keyboard bass. This ensemble is the only one currently leading year-round on a weekly basis. The members of this group invest regular time specifically in the music and culture of the contemporary church. Songs are modern and upbeat stemming from CCM and P & W resources. Familiar hymns may be arranged in more of a characteristically “rocking” style. We are always looking to expand our dedicated personnel. If you prefer singing in a style akin to this service, or if you play an instrument to the level of what this ensemble uses, please speak with or email Ken Wood

We look forward to all of Hope’s returning musicians starting in August. If you haven’t already told leadership of your return date, please email your section leader or See you soon!

– Ken Wood