H.O.P.E. University – Spring Semester

Mark Your Calendars!

H.O.P.E. University returns January 8th & 9th

This season, H.O.P.E. University will offer a greater variety of educational classes than ever before!

View the entire Education schedule or check the H.O.P.E. University page!

The Seven Undisputed Letters of Paul

Beginning in January, Pastor Rani Abdulmasih and Deacon Bruce Dillman will present a comprehensive study of the seven undisputed letters of Paul. Each letter will be presented in two parts: Deacon Bruce will offer an in-depth academic study during the first week, while Pastor Rani will conduct a spiritual bible study of the letter in the following week. The Letter of Paul series will be held over 14 weeks, with a break in March and early April for the season of Lent (no classes on April 16 and 17).

The Next Person You Meet in Heaven: A Book Study

In March, Pastor Dean Piper will hold a one-week book study on the Mitch Albom best-selling novel The Next Person You Meet in Heaven. Books are $10 to purchase through H.O.P.E. University. An announcement will be made when books are available to purchase. This novel is a sequel to Albom’s The Five People You Meet in Heaven. A synopsis of Five People will be available for those who have not previously read it.

The Gospel of Matthew

Pastor Dean will then lead a five-week exploration into the Gospel of Matthew during the season on Lent. Please Note: Pastor Dean’s Gospel of Matthew classes will start at 9:00am on Wednesday mornings, so as not to conflict with Hope’s 11:00am mid-week Lenten worship services.