H.O.P.E. University Fall 2019

Head back to school with H.O.P.E. University! Check out all the exciting classes beginning this fall:

The Book of Daniel

with Pastor Dean Piper

September 10th & 11th through September 24th & 25th

Join H.O.P.E. U. for a three-week journey through one of the Bible’s most famous stories. This strange apocalyptic book of the Old Testament has been called history by some and prophecy by others.

We will study this book under the leadership of Pastor Piper, whose doctorate is in the New Testament but with a concentration in apocalyptic literature. Most of us have heard of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace and Daniel (Belteshazzar) in the lion’s den. But there is much more in these 12 chapters!

We will study the history leading to the exile, the visions and dreams of kings, the apocalyptic visions in the middle of the book and what is the difference between apocalyptic and prophecy, as well as their relationship to the New Testament book of Revelation and what it all means to us today.

 How the Bible Came to Be

 with Pastor Dean Piper

October 1st & 2nd

Have you ever wondered how the Bible came to be? Why does the Bible include 66 different books, when we know there were many other writings over 3 or 4 centuries?

We will look at the evolution of the Old Testament from oral tradition to hieroglyphics, to cuneiform to actual writings. We will discuss what Jesus believed and how his teachings and sermons were preserved.

Then we will turn to the New Testament and trace its writing and preservation from St. Paul to the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John. How did it all come together? Who approved it? Have changes ever been made? And is there an official version?

Join us to discover how the Bible came to be!

Making Sense of Martin Luther: A Study of Lutheranism

with Pastor Bruce Dillman

October 8th & 9th throughNovember 19th & 20th

Who was Martin Luther? What is Lutheranism? How are Luther’s writings still influencing our world 473 years after his death?

In 1835, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Martin Luther the Reformer is one of the most extraordinary persons in history and has left a deeper impression of his presence in the modern world than any other except Columbus.” “Life Magazine,” in its list of the 100 most influential people of the millennium listed Luther third, behind Columbus and Thomas Edison. However, some of Luther’s controversial writing about the Jewish people of his day have been used to justify hate and horrible actions. In so many ways, Martin Luther is one of the most influential people of the last 500 years.

Some of us grew up Lutheran, while others among us are new to the Lutheran Church—but we all consider ourselves part of Hope Lutheran Church. During this seven-week course, Pastor Bruce will lead a class on Lutheranism, using the book Making Sense of Martin Luther by David J. Lose. Each class will be based on a chapter of the book and will include time for teaching and learning, discussion, Bible study, and asking and answering questions. This class is for EVERYONE—from those who, as children, dutifully read and memorized Luther’s Small Catechism; to those of us who don’t even know what a catechism is.

At the end of our seven weeks, we won’t be “masters” of Lutheran theology. That’s okay. Hopefully, through our time together, participants will come to know the wildly gracious and consistently loving God who animates the pages of Scriptures—the God Luther found in his own personal struggles.

Ultimately, we want a better sense of how faith impacts our daily lives.

The Gospel of Mark

with Pastor Dean Piper

Beginning December 3rd & 4th

Ready to dive deeper into this familiar scripture? Join us as we journey through the first Gospel; the shortest Gospel, the Gospel with just 4 parables but 17 miracles.

We’ll discuss the when, where, who and how of these important words. We’ll have seven weeks to cover sixteen chapters, so we can go slowly and follow Jesus’ steps.  

This Gospel will be the center of our worship each week through the end of May. It should be easier to understand and be called Jesus’ disciples when we are finished.


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