Hope Lake Weir Campus Food Pantry Update

To our Hope family,

No words can describe the joy that we could see on people’s faces this last Christmas as they came to our Hope Lake Weir Campus Food Pantry to receive their Christmas gifts! For some who really don’t have much, to receive something new and special on a day like this meant the world to them. Your participation in the Angel Tree project this year and your ongoing support of the Lake Weir Campus Food Pantry made it all possible!

This past Christmas, we were able to share the joy of the season with over 400 individuals at Lake Weir. We had distributed over 135 turkeys to households in need, and 150 bags of food all in just one morning. Some could not believe that they were receiving a gift for Christmas. They were told that Jesus loved them, words that we may take for granted; but many have a hard time seeing the love of God in the middle of their agony and hardship. The gifts we shared from the people of Hope were a sign of God’s love for them.

One mom broke down in tears when she had visited the Food Pantry for the very first time. After talking with her, we found out that she had tried to get assistance from another place where she was literally told, “Get out! People like you are not welcomed here!” She left that place in tears and never went back to it. But as soon as she came to our Hope Lake Weir Campus, she felt welcome. She felt that people genuinely cared for her and cared about her situation. This time, she told us she had tears of joy after she had thought she had lost hope that her story mattered to anyone anymore. We prayed with her and prayed for her. This was a reminder why this ministry mattered to others. Sharing the love of Jesus with one person at a time, no matter what their situation. Treating everyone with love, respect, and the dignity they deserve is what we hope to accomplish through God’s grace.

As of today, the Hope Lake Weir Campus Food Pantry has over 200 households registered, and that includes more than 500 household members. Thank you for being a partner with us as we share the love of Jesus with everyone in this community.

Samia Abdulmasih