15th Annual Churchwide Assembly

On August 5th, the ELCA convened the 15th annual Churchwide Assembly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Leaders and board members gathered in faith for what the ELCA describes as “a process of communal spiritual discernment”. The theme of the event, “We are church”, highlighted the need for unity and fruitful discussion within our ELCA church community.

Most notably, the Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton was re-elected as presiding bishop of the ELCA. On the first ballot, 897 votes were cast and 670 votes were needed for election. Eaton received 725 votes, which is 81.19% of the vote.

A number of issues were discussed during the assembly, including several issues of social and national significance. For a full listing of all issues discussed at the Churchwide Assembly, please visit www.elca.org/Resources/Churchwide-Assembly.

While Hope Lutheran Church is a proud member of the ELCA, we acknowledge and celebrate that we are a church with many different political and social views. We embrace the potential for discussion between members and leadership, and our pastors would be happy to meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. All opinions are welcome and encouraged at Hope. Your voice matters to us.

Hope Lutheran Church will always be a church where individuals from a variety of backgrounds and stances can come together as one community of faith, united in our love for our God and for God’s people, whom we gladly serve each day. While political and social issues may arise and change with the passing years, our commitment to serving the Lord will never change.

To read more about the Churchwide Assembly and the ELCA, please visit the official ELCA website at www.elca.org.